Career Development

  • Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World
    by Lindsey Pollak
    This book can be summed up in one word - advantage.

    I have read several books and have attended many classes and seminars on career planning to know that this book is it! I have to admit that even with all of my knowledge on resume writing and interviewing, I was still taking notes, this book is that great. Getting from College to Career of the most complete guides to job-hunting that manages (very well I must say) to keep the reader engaged, enlightened and well informed, all at the same time. Lindsey's advice is practical and easy to implement for both college students and recent college graduates.

    Getting from College to Career is an essential reading for anyone who wants to have an advantage in their career. I wish I had this book before I graduated so that I could have taken advantage of all the advice that Lindsey so perfectly dishes out to readers in 90 steps. It is the advice that you wouldn't normally hear from college Career Service Centers, but it's what you need to know if you want a leg up on the competition. My hope is that colleges jump on the bandwagon and start giving this book out during freshmen orientation.

    Definitely pick this book up if you or for someone you know who is going through the job search process, they will thank you for it.
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